Our Story

 Formed in March 2015 Camera in the Clouds is a new concept in Aerial Photography and Video Production.

 I have been a Professional Photographer for many years working for a diverse client base such as British Gas, McLaren, Pink Floyd, M&S, Kronenbourg, and Lear Jet, to mention just a few. But I have always wanted to be able to photograph from the air without the constraint of using cherry-pickers or full size helicopters. 

 Now the new technology allows us to do just that. Not only can we shoot high resolution images from almost any position up to 400ft, but we can also now produce super smooth 4K video using the latest 3 axis brushless gimbal mounts!

 Using a UAV Drone has many advantages over a full size helicopter or light aircraft, we can fly much lower and closer to the subject and produce the same high quality results but with none of the unwanted environmental side effects such as downdraft and noise that comes with the full size machines. Set up is faster too, we can be up in the air at a new location in a matter of minutes.

 All Post Production such as photography and video editing is processed in our purpose built studio in North London using Final Cut Pro and Photoshop, the finished images or video can be sent anywhere in the world electronically in a matter of minutes.

Our client list include, R.N.L.I. Fitbit, Scania Trucks, Great Fosters, Moor Park G.C.

and many other Country House Hotels and golf courses.